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"Grow love, grow beauty, grow recovery"

Our Story

"Beauty is not optional, it's a strategy for survival"


The "Our" in Our Story is us. She & & her. My daughter, my inspiration, my light. My name is Nancy and I became a grieving momma when my daughter, Bonnie, left here January 2016 from an accidental overdose. And with that knock on the door in the middle of the night my life was forever altered. Bonnie had a long battle with substance abuse disorder, but through it all her beauty and light were always bigger than her addiction. Surviving her loss and the hole left in my life was the reason that Love Bulb Co was created. To honor her, to survive her loss, to keep her with me and to put beauty out into the world in her name. 

We're Growing!


Every year since that first winter of grief,  this little project has grown. What started as a means of survival during difficult holidays & anniversaries has become something so much more. Through it all, I've connected with a beautiful community, been challenged to grow a business, I've obtained my RYT Yoga Teaching Certificate & have been honored to facilitate a Grief Gathering. I cannot wait to see what's next! 

Giving Back


 With the support of friends and community Love Bulbs has already been able to give back to women in recovery in amazing & beautiful ways!  More recently we are proud and happy to collaborate with Bloom Creative in Bangor, PA. This amazing community is a model of recovery that works, that women can feel safe & heal & recover in a loving and supportive and long term environment! That's where Love Bulb Co gets to help & contribute! The goal is to grow and employ & help more & more women! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Amaryllis. Hippeastrum


Our bareroot bulbs are shipped to us from South Africa or Holland typically in October depending on the harvest. We offer Christmas Flowering or Royal Dutch and new this year is Christmas flowering Miniatures! 

Care Instructions


Coming soon!

Will it bloom again?


Yes, just love it up!