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Love Bulbs

Hippeastrum is a unique and beautiful Amaryllis bulb that is planted in upcycled/ recycled pots. All you have to do is just add water and sunshine!

Options include:

  • Christmas variety (4-6 week bloom time) 
  • Royal Dutch (6-8 week bloom time) 
  • Sonatini “Mini” (4-6 week bloom time) A diminutive version of Christmas Amaryllis
  • Narcissus -Paperwhites grown in upcycled vases. Comes in small (1-3 bulbs) or large (4-6 bulbs) 

Bulbs are "unmarked" so the color is always a sweet surprise! New this year is "Sonatini" Christmas flowering Miniature! A more diminutive variety planted in a glass vase with pebbles & moss. All make wonderful gifts! Truly a gift that gives back!


Seasonal offerings

We offer seasonal products such as:

  •  Love Succs (Succulents)
  •  Love is in the Air Plants (Tillandsia)
  •  Herbal Love Birch Boxes  (Mixed Herbs)

 Additionally, we've done shower & wedding favors and can create a special offering just for your special occasion! Supporting women in recovery through it all!


Good Grief Gatherings

"Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom." -Rumi

Where there is loss, there is grief. But there is also an incredible amount of love to receive and a wonderful opportunity to heal and rebuild. Please join us or inquire about hosting a gathering to share your story, your love and your healing in a supported space. Includes Meditation, a time for sharing followed by a gentle Yoga Restore class. We also include a "craft for the spirit". 

Facilitated by Nancy Kern Pickwell


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